Too few cooks in the kitchen

The culinary world has evolved more in the past five years than the previous twenty. In the most recent years, a growing issue is creeping into every restaurant in the country: there are not enough cooks to fill our kitchens. I wrote an explanation/rant about the state of our restaurant kitchens for, of all places, […]


Chicago Food Jobs

An up-to-date list of available restaurant and kitchen jobs in Chicago Looking for good cooks can be brutal. Finding actually available spots in good kitchens can be rough. Keep an eye on this page for updates. If you want to submit a job, use the contact form below.

macro photograph of carbon steel for knives

Why carbon knives? / Use and care.

The soul of the knife No, I’m not getting all woo-woo-y on you, but it’s difficult to discuss the inherent greatness of carbon steel without somehow referring to the energy and internal character of the steel. Carbon steel, by definition, is steel¬†that contains less than the necessary 13% Chromium content of stainless steel. Two steels: […]


What kind of knife should I get?

50% science, 50% skills, 100% personal preference Discussing knife materials can quickly get you into murky water. The two primary reasons for the murkiness are the way the the maker dealt with the materials (heat treating, grind, etc.) and personal preference. The only way to develop a preference is to play with what’s available to […]