Santoku (sahn-toh-coo)

Santoku knives don’t have a western equivalent. This is particularly apparent as santoku knives have begun making appearances in the production line-ups of traditional western knife factories. Santoku translates to “knife of three virtues”, which is to say that it is a multi-purpose knife. This knife is thought to be an ideal knife in the Japanese home. The blade is characteristically tall, relatively short in length, and rounded towards the tip. It is functionally in between a gyuto and a nakiri. This knife doesn’t get a ton of love in western knife culture. I’m not sure of why, but I’d guess it’s because santokus are rarely sexy or dangerous looking. I, too, didn’t have much love for santokus until I found the santoku from Shigehiro. I can now, happily, say that I use a santoku more than any other knife at home.