Let us sharpen your knives for you

You need your knives sharpened, and we want to sharpen them for you. We’ll make it a piece of cake for you, and get your knives back in the mail to you within 24 hours. We only sharpen by hand, utilizing a combination of natural and synthetic Japanese waterstones. The process is taken very seriously at Buttermilk Supply. We’ve honed our skills so that we can hone your edge.

Sharpening with zero-hassle shipping
$20 + $2 per inch
We ship to you everything you need to pack your knives
Use the included shipping label to send it back our way
We get right to work and have your fresh knives back in the mail within 24 hours
Sharpening, but you take care of shipping
$2 per inch
Your boxes, materials, and shipping labels
We'll add the cost of your selected return shipping method to your order
Everything else is the same!