The blades are hand-forged, and given their initial shape, by Yoshikazu Ikeda-san. Ikeda-san began apprenticing his father in 1967 and became a certified master 27 years ago. The rough blades are then given to the knives namesake, Shigehiro Kasahara-san.

Kasahara-san began his apprenticeship in 1969, became a certified master in 1996, and is, today, creating some of the finest knives I’ve ever seen. It is Kasahara-san’s hands that bring these knives to life. Incredible detail, and decisions based on a lifetime of learning, are put into every element of a Shigehiro knife.

Kasahara-san has been awarded widely in competition. To mention a few: All Japan Knife Show, Sakai Blades International Design Competition, Kinki/Chugoku/Shikoku Traditional Craft Fair.

I had the pleasure of meeting Kasahara-san on my most recent trip to Japan. He is an incredibly kind, humble, and serious man. I feel so honored to offer his knives to the world. We are the only shop in the world, outside of just one in Japan, with the honor of carrying Shigehiro knives.